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Slightly complicated situation but if anyone can help me out and see if my company’s threats are bark or just bite. I just came back on a visa run and got a new 3 month B3 visa which they helped acquire for me. My company is saying that unless I sign a new contract with them (a very unfavorable one) they will inform the authorities and cancel my visa.

Thus my question is:
1. Can my visa actually be revoked/cancelled by my company
2. If it can be, what would my options for staying in Vietnam be? Visa Run? New Visa acquired in Vietnam?




Dear Mzonis,

We suppose that you use your business visa to work in Vietnam without work permit, that’s not allowed. You will have many troubles if your company inform the authorities and you might be deported then.

Your company couldn’t revoke or cancel your visa but you might be accused you of working illegally and that’s really annoying.

We suggest that you had better apply for a work permit as soon as possible and keep out of reach of your old boss and company. If you don’t want to have anything related to them, you can leave Vietnam for Cambodia and return with new 3 months visa. It’s should be noticed that all 3 months visa must be guaranteed by a commercial company or organisation and your current visa is sponsored by them.

When you return to Vietnam from Cambodia, please contact with a visa agency to arrange you another visa without any threat.

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