How to get Vietnam visa in between public holidays?


I am planning to be in Vietnam from Monday to Wednesday and then go on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Have just realised that Monday is a public holiday (August 19th, anniversary of Vietnam People’s Public Security). I know you can get a Vietnam visa in embassy in Abu Dhabi “within 24 hours” but this will be no good to me as I assume the embassy will be shut for Saturday at weekend. So does anybody know if you can pick up the visa same day on arrival? I don’t really want to spend precious time at an embassy.



Dear Sakavanagh,

Please be advised of the following:

– Vietnamese government organisations including Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in abroad close at weekend and public holidays.

Vietnamese public holidays include:

New Year (1 January)

Like most countries in the world, Vietnamese also celebrate the worldwide New year on 1st of January. This is considered a public holiday and so all offices such as government’s ones and banks will be closed. Services for tourists and nationals remain by and large open.

Lunar New Year – Tet holiday (late January – mid February)

Lunar New Year is the most important event in a year, which often takes place between late Jan or early Feb (see table below for details). During this long holiday (from 5 – 9 days), most people will take time off, including restaurants and many tourist service.

Hung King Festival (early April)

Hung King Festival has officially become a national holiday since 2000, celebrated on March 10th of Lunar Calendar. The holiday is officially 1 day long but many people combine it into the adjacent weekend to make it a long one. On this occasion, banks and offices are closed but restaurants and services resume as normal.

Reunification Day – Labour Day (April 30th – May 1st)

Reunification day marks the reunification of Vietnam which dated back to 1975. The subsequent day is Labour day and considered a public holiday in Vietnam. There are usually marches, parades and performances on these holidays

Independence Day (September 2)

On September 2nd, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh officially declared Vietnam free from colonial force and since then, the people of Vietnam have been celebrating the occasion annually. Many take advantage of the opportunity to travel while others choose to reflect into this historical event by visiting Ba Dinh square and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Vietnam People’s Public Security (August 19)

The People’s Public Security of Vietnam is the main police and security force of Vietnam. It is a part of Vietnam People’s Armed Forces. It is under the control of Communist Party of Vietnam.

This force was created on August 19, 1945

On the occasion of the anniversary every year, the Vietnam Immigration Department will close for a day.


Regarding to your questions, we would like to inform:

Vietnam visa on arrival can be arranged in anytime at weekend or holidays in just a few hours. 

Step 1: Checking your flight time and Vietnam current time

In order to obtain an urgent visa on arrival, you must have a visa approval letter prior to boarding the flight. Thus, you need to check the flight time at the departure airport and the current Vietnam time to make an appropriated visa application (2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or overtime processing).

Step 2: Fill out the application form or send us an email

The online application form is ready for the applicants here. You need to fill in the form with the required information and check it carefully before submitting. All the information must be correct as it is printed in the passport. You can also send us an email with the following information:
– Your full name
– Your date of birth
– Gender
– Your nationality
– Your passport number
– Visa type (1 month or 3 months; single or multiple entry)
– Your proposed entry date

Step 3: Making a payment

The payment can be made by PayPal, Western Union or via bank wire transfer. Normally, banks in all country will not work at the weekend. Therefore you may use the Internet banking service or PayPal instead.

Step 4: Get the visa approval letter delivered and obtain the visa at arrival airport

As soon as the payment completion you will receive a notification of payment from PayPal and our confirmation. Depending on the processing time you requested, we will arrange the visa and handle it timely. You also need to prepare 2 photos (at the same size with the photo in the passport), a fully filled “Entry and exit form” and some USD in cash for stamping fee are also required.

At departure airport, you will present the letter of approval (black and white or colored hard copy) to board the flight. At arrival airport, it is shown again at Immigration Counter to have your visa stamped on your passport.

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