Hoi An’s chicken rice

Together with Cao Lau, Hoi An’s chicken rice has now become the signature dish of cuisine culture of Hoi An’s people, which makes ​​up the famous brand in the culinary map for local and foreign tourists when visiting to this cultural world heritage. Chicken rice is a Hoi An’s specialty that you should  enjoy if given the opportunity to visit this place.

Walking through the alleies in Hoi An, tourists will be kept hold of seductive aroma of many delicacies. Plenty of snacks are scattered all over in the corner and the road. There is one thing that many people often transmit to each other that not eating Hoi An’s chicken rice is considered as not really visiting Quang Nam. Maybe this somewhat exaggerated saying stems from hometown pride when it comes to chicken rice – a strong and unforgettable home flavor of Hoi An’s people. However, the fame of Hoi An’s chicken rice is also rated by Lonely Planet – a well-known tourism magazine, as “A tasty dish, it’s something that makes people loving chicken have to give it a try … ”


What makes Hoi An’s chicken rice special features originates the distinction of chicken processing under the “style” of the Central area, ie, shredded chicken is saturatedly squeezed with onion, laksa leaves and spices. Skill of the cook is make the meat taste a little bit fragrant, spicy but not friable and chicken smelling loss.

There is also another way to cook Hoi An’s chicken rice, but people in the area of  Tam Ky – Quang Nam or Da Nang usually processe it in this way. Chicken meat is not only boiled and shredded but also cut into medium pieces, crispy golden fried. The rice in crimson orange color made from the red sweet gourd looks very eye-catching. And in accordance with the Vietnam folk poem ” The chicken clucked, pecked on a lime leaf “, the dish is presented with finely chopped lime leaves. This is similar to “style” of the North, but not makes the plate of chicken rice lose “feature” of the Central with orange-red rice grains cooked in chicken broth, specially flavored with pickled papaya combined with chutney and soy sauce.


Hoi An’s chicken rice is truly a delicious typical dish of the Quang Nam-Da Nang region which sold popularly on the streets. With many famous restuarants such as Ba Bui, Ba Minh, Cika chicken rice in Hoi An or Hong Ngoc and Hai chicken rice in Da Nang, etc,  people come here to enjoy “original” chicken rice with complete shredded chicken, roasted chicken served with onion, leaf lemon, peppermint, pickled papaya. “Hoi An’s chicken rice” will make any picky eater nod to compliment on its flavor.

Interesting experience of eating Hoi An’s chicken rice is that diners can both see a beautifully decorated plate and enjoy every yellow and sleeky rice grain as well as have a chance to sit happily chatting to friends. What a delicious meal! With all the ingenuity and meticulosity in the processing way, Hoi An’s people have created enough unique chicken rice to mark it a special name “Hoi An’s Chicken Rice”.

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